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Steps To Get You Running - Components When Buying A Treadmill

What components make up a treadmill? Treadmills are designed with basic components like motors, belts, decks, flywheels, frames, rollers, electronics and display consoles. Let us briefly go through each of these components.


The motor is considered to be one of the most important components of a treadmill.

  • 4 Jul 2017

Running Tips - Recovery After A Long Run Or Speed Workout

A running program should consist of hard running mixed in with easy days. This will help you to keep running for a long and will keep your running fresh. Hard running days could be longer runs or speed work. And, what you do immediately after these hard days will determine how you recover. Here are some tips on how to cool down after harder workout days.

  • 24 Jun 2017
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13 Jul 2017
Posted By Lora M.

Running Tips - Washing Your Running Caps

In my opinion, wearing a cap while running is one of the most important things that a runner can do. A good running cap will protect you from the sun, being blinded by the glare of the sun and car lights, and the rain. I wear a cap every time that I go for a run - no matter what time of day it is or what the weather is. I have several and alternate them like I do my shoes. However, after so long - they do get a little stained. So, the question comes up on how to wash your running caps.
1 Jul 2017
Posted By Leon C.

Starting A Fun Family Fitness Plan

Exercising every day is a crucial component of any plan to remain healthy and physically fit. Even though getting enough exercise is necessary for a healthy lifestyle, you shouldn't think that it needs to me mindless, difficult, or disagreeable. To the contrary, lots of exercise choices are quite enjoyable.
15 Jul 2017
Posted By Owen N.

Fitness Ideas You May Not Be Aware Of

Information at this time has never been so bountiful in terms of vigor, nourishment and our bodies. While simple and straightforward to many, the crucial fact is there are fantastic advantages to this. We can exercise and work out according to very precise knowledge and information. You can acquire superlative compensation for your attempts, still those attempts fabricates all of the difference on the planet.Quite often, we end up having to jam our workouts in whenever and wherever possible.
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5 Jul 2017
Posted By Lora M.

Great Gifts For Runners

Every runner loves getting new running related gifts and gadgets. Whether you are making out your gift list - or have a runner on yours - here is my list of great gifts for runners.iPod Shuffle - There are different models of iPods out there - but I think that for runners the iPod shuffle is the best. It's small and you hardly know it's there when you're out on a run. And, that's extremely important to me. I had never wanted an iPod, but several years ago, my husband bought me one for Christmas.
14 Jul 2017
Posted By Guadalupe H.

The Best Home Workout Videos

Gyms can be intimidating and membership fees expensive. A simpler alternative is to get exercising with home workout videos. Check out our top picks for fitness DVDs. Jane Fonda's Prime Time Fit and Strong At 73, few women can boast of a body as fit as Jane Fonda's. With Prime Time Fit and Strong, Ms. Fonda lets you in on her fitness secrets. The DVD is comprised of two 25-minute workout routines and is targeted at everyone, regardless of fitness level.
6 Jul 2017
Posted By Tim P.

How Fashion Can Send a Message

It has been said for years that what you wear lets everyone know who you are. The clothes make the man is how the saying goes. But what about when someone is trying to let people know that he is humourous, or witty? If you do not want to dress like a clown, then the best way to send this message through fashion, and the easiest way is by wearing funny t shirts.